In this section we’ve provided a selection of Tips and Hints for newer soccer players.

Know the basic Laws of the Game

In soccer there are 2 teams each with 11 players on the field (including the Goal Keeper).  Each team is attempting to get the ball past the opposing teams Goal Keeper and fully over the goal line. (No goal is scored unless the whole ball is passes over the whole goal line – whether in the air or on the ground).  When they do this, a goal is scored.

During this process, players are not allowed to be ‘off-side’.  The offside rule – in very simple terms – means that there must be two players from the opposing team (one of these is usually the Goal Keeper) in front of any of your teams attacking players before the ball is in play for your team to receive it.  If this is not the case, an off-side is called and the opposing team will get an indirect free kick from where the ball was touched by the player in the off-side position.  This usually occurs in the opponents half of the field.

A Goal Keeper can only ever pick the ball up with their hands when they are in the 18 yard box (largest rectangular box surrounding the goal).  They can only use their hands to pick up the ball (while in this box) if the opposing team was the last team to touch the ball.  The Goal Keeper of your team MUST NOT use their hands if one of their own team members purposely or accidentally passes the ball back to the Goal Keeper. (Their are more complicated exceptions to this rule, but this is the basic summary).

Weak/Strong foot

The best soccer players don’t have a ‘weak’ and ‘strong’ foot because they practice hard with both feet.  From the very beginning (or right NOW) start practicing every manoeuvre with both feet.  It will make you are much more skillful player, with the ability to use both feet in tricky situations.


Never kick a soccer ball with your toes!

This is because it is hard to direct the ball accurately when you kick with your toes.  It is also much easier to injure your toes than other parts of your foot.  (kicking the ball with your toes is most commonly referred to as a toe punt)


In a penalty kick situation…

The Goal Keeper cannot move in front of the Goal line until the ball has been kicked.

The kicker must not play the ball until it has touched another player.

The kicker must kick the ball forward.