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Hi, my name is Samuel Edwards and I’m from Brisbane, Australia. I’m passionate about everything to do with soccer, and if you’ve found this site, you probably are too!

Why do I love soccer? Well – its great to be part of a team while also striving to excel and push yourself to master new skills and techniques. Also, soccer is a game that can be played in a backyard, a schoolyard or a professional field. It’s a game for all ages and all abilities. Whether for fun or as a professional player – there is something in this great game for everyone… What more could you ask for? I just love the game and everything to do with it.

When you think about it, soccer is almost like a universal language. It crosses cultures and borders and where ever I go, it’s very rare to not find someone kicking a soccer ball. Our family went for a holiday overseas, and even in Oman in the early evening, we stopped at a pebble-covered field to watch a large number of kids and adults skilfully kick their soccer ball around a very tricky ‘soccer’ field. It’s something I will never forget.

I’ve put this site together for people just like you with lots of information that I’ve learned and discovered over the years about the great game of soccer. The Drills in this website will cover beginner to advanced drills and will help you to improve your soccer skills and make you a better soccer player. I will be adding a lot more information on this website, so please keep coming back to learn more about soccer!